Please note the size chart above when deciding which size of Jox to purchase:

Customers who have worn compression shorts or who are at the upper end of the waist size may find that selecting the next larger size will provide a more comfortable fit with slightly less compression.

Jox Core Support Shorts


The Therapeutic Undergarment

Jox™ Core Support Shorts were designed as a therapeutic undergarment for the person who wants back support and comfort. Jox™ Core Support Shorts for daily physical and athletic activities is more than a compression short attached to a back support belt. The Core Support Panel built into the front of the shorts provides a core stabilizer over the midline of the wearer. This core stabilizer assists in the proper aligning of the spine when the belt is securely fastened. The Jox™ belt is made from a unique and patented fabric which wicks moisture away from the body, is breathable, and antibacterial. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties discourage bacterial growth and odor. The compression shorts are made of high grade spandex. They are breathable, provide enhanced circulation, assist in reducing lactic acid build up, and relax the lower body and upper leg muscles.

...I have been plagued with on and off back pain for quite a long time. I've been on pain meds, physical therapy, Chiropractor, pain management doctors, had injections in my lower back and even purchased the Back 2 Life lower back machine until this morning. I opened your Jox box, laughed and put them on... But I feel great! I can't believe it! I automatically feel 95% better than before I put them on... Slipped the heat pack in the back pocket, and as I write this e mail to you I have NO PAIN! I just can't believe it. My wife says they're cute too!

Fond Regards, Ray Haller - Insurance Agent

Built for Physical and Athletic Activities 

Jox™ Core Support Shorts for daily physical and athletic activities is a unique product. The posterior mid transverse section of the belt supports the L4 , L5, and lumbosacrel aspects of the spinal column, providing a strong-hinge like effect for the upper torso, reinforcing support at the axis of rotation. This structural support provides extra support for fatigued or weak muscles. Jox™ Core Support Shorts have been designed to provide extra support for static and dynamic activities that require extension and rotation. In fact, clinical trials showed a 19% decrease in pressure on the lower back among subjects who wore Jox™ Core Support Shorts versus those who did not.

Only Garment to Provide Back and Core Support with Hot and Cold Treatments

Jox™ Core Support Shorts for daily physical and athletic activities is the only garment that provides back and core support with therapeutic hot and cold treatment capabilities. On the inside of the core supporting belt is a pouch to accommodate our instant Jox™ Hot and Cold Pax™.

...Your product is great! It allows me to be on my feet all day and go out and play after work. Usually when I get home I am sore and feel discomfort. The two times I tried Jox Core Support Shorts I felt no pain after a typical day. I actually went home and did some yard work and played hoops with my kid. I believe the support combined with the heat was the key for me.

Sincerely, Edward Ruiz - PGA member and teaching professional

Learn more about Jox™ Hot Pax™

Learn more about Jox™ Cold Pax™

Jox Core Support Shorts reduce pain, increase flexibility, and help you feel better doing the things you like to do.  Try wearing Jox while playing golf, working out, or doing work around the house and you will be amazed at how much better your body will feel before, during, and afterwards.

In fact, try wearing JoxTM once, and you might start wearing them everyday!


Buy Jox™ Cold Pax™ and Hot Pax™ in Bulk and Save!

JoxTM Cold Pax™ - 12 Pack $2.75 Ea. = $33 (Save $9 off list price)

JoxTM Cold Pax™ - 24 Pack $2.50 Ea. = $60 (Save $24 off list price)

JoxTM Hot Pax™ - 24 Pack $2.00 Ea. = $48 (Save $12 off list price)

JoxTM Hot Pax™ - 48 Pack $1.75 Ea. = $84 (Save $36 off list price)

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